Today I am going to take my baby to camp.  For four days and three nights.  It seems like such a long time.  Isn’t that how long the Israelites wandered in the desert? I think I’m going to feel a bit lost without him here.  He’s such a part of our day.  The constant ideas, arguing,Continue reading “FLY”


Saturday I was honored to sit as faculty at the commencement ceremony for the 2013 graduating class of Laurel University.  This is not the first commencement I have attended as faculty, but Saturday was special in its own right.  Saturday, a student graduated who started her journey at Laurel University almost 4 years ago, theContinue reading “POMP”


Michael started our garden inside this year.  We transformed our living room, temporarily, into a greenhouse (of sorts) to start all kinds of seedlings.  Tomatoes, squash, cucumber, sugar snap peas, broccoli, and all the veggies that you can’t get enough of in the summer.  My mouth waters just thinking about slathering a boatload of Duke’sContinue reading “REACHING”