The “S” word for Christian women… Michael and I dated 7 years before getting married.  Statistics say that is waaaay too long.  For the most part, I agree.  There are 3 reasons we waited: We started dating when we were babies. He wasn’t ready to commit. I wasn’t ready to submit. He was ready toContinue reading “SUBMISSION”

10 Parenting Tips I Didn’t Read in a Book

When there is a holiday, Michael and I let our kids eat all of the candy they want on that day.  Then, that night, I sort the candy.  The chocolate goes in my closet (for obvious reasons), the rest goes in the trash.  They’ve never thrown up.  So far, so good. If our kids leaveContinue reading “10 Parenting Tips I Didn’t Read in a Book”


I found out how strong my grandparents’ marriage was a few months before my grandmother passed away.  It was my wedding day.  We were all staying together at a church conference center; my entire family had driven from North Carolina to Indiana to help me celebrate.  My 84-year old granddaddy was the pastor conducting theContinue reading “MARRIAGE”