For lunch today…

For lunch today Nolan wanted PB&J, I told him that we’re out of peanut butter. He said, how about meat and cheese. I told him we’re out of cheese. He said, “okay, how about meat and jelly?”

Flexibility.  Not my strongest attribute.  My kids get it somewhere, though, right?  They really are able to roll with whatever we throw their way.  Hey guys, we’re headed to Indiana.  “I’ll start packing” is their swift reply.  Guys, we’re out of milk… again, how about toast…wait, no bread….oatmeal??  “sure – with apples please!”  Really?

If I don’t have half and half for my coffee, it is literally like the end times for me.  I cannot function if my coffee isn’t just right.  My sigh is sooooo deep and loud, Michael calls it my ‘huffer’.  I pout until I can walk across the driveway to get cream from the mass general store (my mother’s house) and come back, settle in and nurse my coffee until I’m in a better mood.  I annoy the daylights out of myself.  My kids get it, why can’t I?   

I don’t think I’ll change my coffee preferences anytime soon, but I could possibly apply the lesson on flexibility to other areas of my life.  Like, perhaps, my vacation itinerary or well…, that’s the only thing I think I can give on for the moment….still working on it.  

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