On Christmas Day (but really before that because we couldn’t wait so we just did the whole shebang two days early), we brought home a baby Labrador Retriever and named her Penny. I’m a new labmom, and I want to offer you some ways to know if you are ready to be a labmom too. I’mContinue reading “TOO”


I remember being in the concrete driveway of your old house. You had effortlessly set up an entire play land of activities with hula hoops, giant homemade bubble wands, a crazy sprinkler, and a little kiddy pool. You were quietly keeping order while sun bathing, and eventually you stood up, picked up a hula hoop,Continue reading “BECOME”


Our vacation was so epic, it was named and hash-tagged, #operationtogether.  I thought it only fitting to follow-up on my post ANTICIPATION.  Was it everything I dreamed it would be?  Did my family align with my predictions?  Well, read on.  (Update in red print). When I was little, I would get so excited about ChristmasContinue reading “#OPERATIONTOGETHER”