(Written in February, posted in November…there is no storm today!) Yesterday, in great anticipation of Snowmageddon 2014, I studied in the library rather than my office. There is a beautiful view from the windows out to the water, and I perched myself facing outward so as to alert the campus upon the first flake’s appearance.Continue reading “READY”


Our legs moved slowly through the palpable heat as we ascended the slight hill to the modest meeting house for worship.  Slowly, because that is the only speed left after a full day of travel including a four hour layover and customs and three additional hours of relentless curves and holes in the road.  The nightContinue reading “JAMAICA”


I sat in the cold, stone room for what seemed like ages anticipating their arrival.  Curiosity and nerves were competing for first place in my typical over-emotional state.  Being a ‘feeler’ can be exhausting.  It’s difficult to explain what a typical daily emotional roller coaster a ‘feeler’ must ride.  I can go from crying tearsContinue reading “CAPTIVE”


When I made my ’40 before 40′ bucket list, it must have been a warm day.  Warm, but not hot.  Productive, but not busy.  And I must have felt good and optimistic and happy and energetic and rested.  ‘Delirium’ is the only thing I can figure, because I included on number 16, “Run a 5k”.Continue reading “RUN”


When I was young, one of my favorite books was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  I was a serious child.  I identified with Alexander on somewhat of a regular basis, as he and I both had two brothers.  So I anticipated the worst, pretty much all the time.  I remainedContinue reading “THANKS”


I knew I was getting older the last time I went to Forever21 and the sales associate asked me if I was lost and then called me ‘ma’am’.  I quickly darted out of the store, pretending like I had wandered in by mistake. Then, I heard on K-Love that women who dye their hair blondContinue reading “AUTUMN”


My phone calendar starting buzzing yesterday morning at 5:50 with all the reminders I had. ‘Send salty snack with Zachary.’ ‘Send cookies/drinks with Josiah’ ‘Nolan and Josiah wear orange for Anti-bullying campaign.’ ‘Zachary dresses up for class party – nothing scary’ I have to include really specific notes like ‘nothing scary’ for obvious reasons. WeContinue reading “SHINE”