Dear Moms of teensy tinies who traveled this Christmas, Let me let you in on a little bitty secret…. IT GETS EASIER! Traveling with little ones is the ultimate test of a parent’s will and resolve. How important is that family gathering? How will you get there? What will transit behold? I don’t mean toContinue reading “TRAVEL”


Michael and I were sitting on the couch having a conversation.  All the kids were home.  And we were having a conversation.  Zachary was in the room with us.  All of a sudden we heard from downstairs, “Moooooooooooooom!!!!!!  Someone clogged the toilet with SOOOOOO MUCH toilet paper!!” Zachary stopped what he was doing, looked intently atContinue reading “GROWING”


If you know my children, you know that my oldest child is spirited. Lively. Animated. At times his impulsivity overrides his conscious and he can be intrusive. Parenting him can be difficult. We both like to be in charge, and there are hard days. And subsequently, he has taught me infinite lessons about mothering, aboutContinue reading “GENEROSITY”


Yesterday I posted the sweetest picture of my kids reading their library books together when they got home from school. Aren’t they adorable?  Don’t they look precious? Like they get along? Like they’re clean?  Like my house is clean? What you don’t see in this picture is the clutter that surrounded them.  (You would notContinue reading “HIGHLIGHTS”