My husband says I have 2 speeds, 0 miles per hour and 100 miles per hour. He says if I would find a good 55mph cruising speed it would be so much better for me. I smile and thank my sweet tortoise and go on about being a hare. It’s just not me.

My personality on the DISC personality profile is an I-C. That means I like people and can deal with change. I like variety in my work environment. I’m a good listener and prefer short rather than long term objectives. Details and routines are lost on me, for the most part. I tend to be reactive, rather than proactive (my roots are at least 4 inches long…appointment tomorrow). I’m creative when it’s crunch time, and I procrastinate. I can make a menu, but not cook from it. I can make a routine, but not abide by it. I can get organized, but cannot stay organized.

I’ve read “The 7 Habits of Highly neurotic Effective People”. It’s a good book. I use those principles daily. I strive to do the important, not just the urgent. I make a list. Every time I go to the store, I make a list. Every time I get in the store, I realize it’s in the car. I don’t go back for it because I have children. Once you’re in the store with children, there’s no going back.

If there were ever a more opposite personality to me, it would be my husband. He remembers everything. He doesn’t bite off more than he can chew. He follows a routine. He doesn’t over eat, spend impulsively, or care what people think about him. He’s quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.

In recent years I have asked him for advice. Allowing him to advise me has helped me to not bite off more than I can chew. He helps me to slow down and put on a safety harness, so I don’t crash going 100mph. (I feel like a “Jesus takes the wheel analogy would fit here, but I’ll spare you.) Michael helps me say ‘no’. He helps me examine our priorities and choose to do what is important. I trust him. And he even helps me with details when I let them fall through the cracks. He helps me achieve the balance I struggle to maintain.

Currently, at my house, it’s crunch time. I am working on directing a children’s musical, teaching 4 college level courses, helping with our church sport’s league, and planning an Easter event (urgent, important). I am reading novels to my boys and dating my husband and serving my Savior (non-urgent, important). I keep up with my friends and invest in my relationships (non-urgent, important). Additionally, I have meetings, mail, laundry, carpooling, laundry, eating, cooking, laundry, show-n-tell, folder signing (parents of gradeschoolers know why this is a category in my day), and laundry to manage (urgent, non-important). I also watch TV :/ (non-urgent, non-important). I tried to put laundry in the non-urgent/non-important quadrant, but it doesn’t work. Does NOT.

It’s go time. It’s 100 mph time. There are urgent and important responsibilities every day. I will go on like this for 8 or so weeks, using all my creative energy and drive, then I will stop. I will take a short sabbatical from the urgent/important in 0mph zone and get recharged. Then, after I REST, I will go again.

This is probably not the most efficient way to live, I realize. But it is how I am most creative. It does match my personality. And because I have put on my safety harness, and am surrounded by support, I can take it. It took a while for me to accept the safety harness, but I’m better for it. I’m a better Christ-follower, wife, mother, teacher and friend. I’m better.

Balance for me is knowing how to put on the harness. And knowing that the 0 mph zone is coming around the bend.

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