Dear Teacher,

Today I registered my son for kindergarten.  In August, I will walk him into your classroom and allow his mind to be molded by what you have prepared.  My little boy is the one with the brightest blue eyes and the most concerned face.  He’ll be the one who stands very closely to his mother, curling his finger around my hair for comfort.  He’ll be the one that will take everything in for processing and will express it later.

I just want you know that he gets what you’re saying.  He’s intuitive and smart.  He misses nothing.  His memory is exceptional.  He doesn’t always say what he is thinking.  Don’t mistake his timidity for lack of understanding.

I just want you to know that the first time is the hardest for him.  He likes to know what to expect.  You’ll have to explain what you mean, and repeat what you say.  Eventually, he’ll try most anything. Don’t dismiss him. You have the capacity to foster a love of learning or a disdain for the same.  I know it is a responsibility you do not take lightly.  I’m trusting you on that.

I just want you to know that he is not like his brother.  You may think you know him, but you do not.  He is a whole entire person, all on his own.  Know that.

I just want you to know that he believes he is part ninja, but doesn’t ever want to really hurt anything.  He will rescue insects, encourage the underdog, and he will not cry in front of you.  Not even if he is really hurt, or really upset, or really scared.  He won’t cry.  He won’t be your squeakiest wheel, but will occasionally need some grease.  You’ll know when.

I just want you to know that he is really funny.  He will say things  you won’t believe.  He will occasionally catch you so off guard with his humor, that your coffee may very well come out through your nose in your invoked laughter.

And teacher, I just want you to know that I love that little boy with a fierce kind of mother’s love.  That love that I thought couldn’t get more or deeper or bigger the day he was born…did.  And my love for him now is fiercer than ever.

God charged my husband and me with a great responsibility in raising him, and now here we are 5 years later, ready to share with you some of that responsibility.  Until you have a 5 year old child of your very own, it’s hard to explain how big a deal that is.  But it is big.  

I just want you to know that by walking him into your room, I am trusting you with a piece of me.  It’s the piece that is my heart.  It is a tender, gentle, wonderful, wild, radically funny, impressionable heart.

Please take care to nourish it properly.


I just thought you should know.

3 thoughts on “DEAR TEACHER

  1. Kindergarten teachers are the doorway to loving school. They are the most special kind of teacher, and rarely forgotten.

  2. I’m going back into the classroom for the next 6-8 weeks, full time sub in a fifth grade. Your message was a good boost of encouragement to focus on the individual child with total love and respect and enjoy discovering the joys of his/her character as we journey through curriculum, activities, and events in the final weeks of the school year. May each child leave fifth grade with a sense of self, a sense of purpose, and a confident heart.

  3. Oh I just want to cry reading that. It’s so true!!! Each child is so unique, their very own….I know that with my three children now more than ever. It pray as a teacher assistant that I will remember your words here and apply it to each child that I encounter. Thank you for sharing your heart on your blog.

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