I knew I was getting older the last time I went to Forever21 and the sales associate asked me if I was lost and then called me ‘ma’am’.  I quickly darted out of the store, pretending like I had wandered in by mistake. Then, I heard on K-Love that women who dye their hair blondContinue reading “AUTUMN”


I remember being in the concrete driveway of your old house. You had effortlessly set up an entire play land of activities with hula hoops, giant homemade bubble wands, a crazy sprinkler, and a little kiddy pool. You were quietly keeping order while sun bathing, and eventually you stood up, picked up a hula hoop,Continue reading “BECOME”


My phone calendar starting buzzing yesterday morning at 5:50 with all the reminders I had. ‘Send salty snack with Zachary.’ ‘Send cookies/drinks with Josiah’ ‘Nolan and Josiah wear orange for Anti-bullying campaign.’ ‘Zachary dresses up for class party – nothing scary’ I have to include really specific notes like ‘nothing scary’ for obvious reasons. WeContinue reading “SHINE”


Recently, when I was brushing my teeth, Michael uncharacteristically leaned in very close to me, shattering my tooth brushing bubble of space, stared at my toothbrush and said, “how long have you been using that toothbrush?” “since I bought it a few months ago.” “I thought that was mine.” “It’s pink!” ‘What color is mine?’Continue reading “SOULMATES”


Yesterday I posted the sweetest picture of my kids reading their library books together when they got home from school. Aren’t they adorable?  Don’t they look precious? Like they get along? Like they’re clean?  Like my house is clean? What you don’t see in this picture is the clutter that surrounded them.  (You would notContinue reading “HIGHLIGHTS”