I hesitate to write this post, as it leaves me vulnerable and open and human and fallible. But such is me and what am I if not all those things? Fake? A parading facade that gives the illusion of whimsy when I am in despair? Let me be frank. I learned very quickly after committingContinue reading “CHECKPOINTS”


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So…I don’t want to put Shaun T or Jane Fonda out of a job, but I think I’ve found the most effective workout routine. Play with your kids. Michael has deemed this summer a summer focused on our family.  We need it.  Our kids have sacrificed a LOT of time with…


This morning I woke up to a nice little pudge in my belly, which I have unaffectionately begun to refer to as “Christmas 2014”.  My people are just too good in the kitchen.  My brother is home and so dinners are meat with a side of meat.  And everything has its own butter based dippingContinue reading “PRIORITIZE”