Every single time I go out in public (when I say public, you know I mean the grocery store) with all of my children, someone says “you’ve got your hands full.”  Sometimes it’s followed by “are all of those yours?” or “WOW.  how far apart are they?”  or “all boys??” Sometimes it’s followed by stares or that look that says “what were you thinking?”  

I’ve not come up with a clever response to this comment.  I wish I could say, “yes, they are full…mind lending me one of yours????”  I don’t though.  I just “yes they are.”

My hands are full.

A few posts ago, I told you I was busy.  I had a musical coming up and was helping with my church sports league.  Well, we had the musical today, and the sports league ended on Friday.  I start teaching 3 new classes this week, the boys started soccer/wrestling, Michael’s still speaking Greek, and Easter is literally around the corner.

I have been in that 100 mph zone, and will be for at least 2 more weeks.

I’m not sure why I thought doing a musical during this busy time of the year was a good idea. But I am glad I did it.  The kids did an amazing job, despite the fact that at the end of the musical, I called all of the children down to the front to take a final bow, and, of course, when I called Nolan’s name, he did not exit the stage properly. Rather, he saw the moment as an opportunity to practice his long jump skills.  He literally leaped across the makeshift creek bank and cleared 4 steps in the middle of the stage to make his exit.  (I’m sure in that moment people were thinking, “man, she’s got her hands full.”)

But I’m still glad we did the musical.  Nolan did a fantastic job on his solo.  He also helped all afternoon on the food, and last week on the set, and practiced until his little voice gave out yesterday and this morning.  So did Josiah.  He tends to be shy, and he spoke his lines loudly and with confidence.  So did all of the other kids.  They enjoyed it and sang their little hearts out.

There were a few little behind the scene things that the audience didn’t get to see, which blessed me so much.  The final song talks about serving God and says “I’m willing to be used dear Lord, whatever the price may be”.  Every time we practiced this song, one of the little girls teared up.  Her heart was so tender towards Christ, that she was overcome with emotion and could not sing.  4 years old.  Tender heart, priceless gift and reminder to us all.  And the little boy who was supposed to pray a scripted prayer but at practice said, “would it be okay if I just prayed from my heart?”  It’s those moments which make the chaos, busyness, and hustle worth it all.

Next time someone tells me I have my hands full, I think I’ll respond,

“You mean, fulfilled.”

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