Today was messy. *WARNING* I live with 4 boys, and this post is gross.

It all started with most horrific nightmare last night.  I dreamt that my morning coffee tasted really weak.  I woke up in a cold sweat.  Shaky from the horror.  Just a dream Christi Anna, just a dream….Josiah was standing next to me and finished waking me up.


Yes honey.

I had a bad dream.

Oh me too baby, what was yours?

I dreamed you got eaten by a tiger. (pitiful sad face, trying not to cry)  What did you dream?

oh….nothing……I didn’t get eaten by a tiger, see…I’m right here.  (I did feel attacked though, still sweating from my own nightmare).

Thank goodness Michael had made the coffee like normal.  Today would not have been good without coffee.  I was almost finished with my coffee when Josiah says….

Mom, my stomach hur(BLUH)

Luckily I had a bucket nearby to catch most of it, because the toilet was being occupied.  Plus, none of my kids has ever made it to the toilet to vomit. Ever.  They are literally ALWAYS surprised, and do not see it coming. There is 1 room in my house with carpet….guess where we were…

[Enter Nolan].

Mom, my tooth is bleeding from where you guys yanked it out last night.

Ok, honey, please don’t use the word ‘yank’ to your teachers.  Let’s get you cleaned up.

After the morning rush, things got just quiet enough for me to start a project that I had procrastinated on and needed to finish today.

[Enter Zachary]

Mom, I spilled my juice all over me.  It’s everywhere, see?  Do you see mommy?

Yes, honey, I see it.  We’ll get it.

Now, because I have procrastinated, I really needed today to be low drama.  Did. Not. Happen.  Today, the messes came fast and furious.  When this virus showed up, I had finally gotten down to 1 load of unfolded laundry and only 1 hamper that was overflowing.  So laundry was under control. Not anymore.

The climax of it all occurred on the way home from picking up Nolan from school.  I had carried Josiah to the van with a blanket, poor thing. He had no business riding in a car, sick, with my mediocre driving skills, and he was in the back.  Zachary fell asleep on the way, and we had almost made it home, almost…1 mile to go…when…

Mom, Josiah just puked all over me!  Can you pull over? I’ll just walk the rest of the way home.

Ok, we’ll get it.  Almost home…

Lots of messes.  On days like today, I like to search for the bright spots.  Here are a 5:

1. Upon dismembering the carseat to clean it, I found an iPod that has been lost since before Christmas.  Score.

2. When I leaned over to kiss Josiah’s forehead he said, “aren’t you afraid the germs will get you? If you are, you could punch yourself in the face and try to kill them before they get you.”  In a round about way, I think he was trying to protect me.  That blessed me.

3. Despite the mess, I was able to finish my project.

4. Other than this temporary virus, my kids are in good health.

And finally,

5. My coffee tasted really, really good this morning.

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