Blessons: Blessed Little Lessons from my Journey


I am a Christ follower, wife, mother, teacher and friend.  I love my family, drinking coffee, and eliminating social injustice through education.  Our schedule is full, but I like to capture the moments in the day that take my breath away and write them here.  My children share the most wonderful, insightful, and delightful tidbits of wisdom with me, and I hope you can enjoy them too.

Nolan is my heart.  He is a leader, incredibly smart, super impulsive, hilarious, and has a really big heart.

Josiah is my peace.  He is inquisitive, thoughtful, intuitive, giving and a full-blown engineer in a child’s body.

Zachary is my joy.  He is rowdy, organized, spontaneous and creative….and spoiled (but that’s really more about me).

Michael is my man.  We met 22 years ago, and have been best friends ever since.  We married in 2004, had babies in 06, 07, and 09.  Our life is constantly in a state of change, a whirlwind.  But he is steadfast and purposeful. He is solid and inspiring. He is healthy and courageous, loyal and loving. He is funny and risky and real. He is precious to me. ♥

Jesus is my Rock.  I wouldn’t do life without Him. He alone can provide JOY in the midst of sadness, PEACE in the midst of chaos, and HOPE in a desperate world. #butthegreatestisLOVE


Here are 5 things you should know about me before following my blog.  My goal in life is to point people to Jesus, but I get it wrong a lot.

  1. When things break, I throw a tantrum that puts my kids’ tantrums to shame.
  2. worry unnecessarily.
  3. I don’t enjoy pretend play with my kids, but I do it anyway.
  4. The 3 mornings I had to fast from coffee for my pregnancy glucose tests were the 3 worst mornings of my husband’s life.
  5. If I hear someone pulling in my drive, I shove clean unfolded laundry mixed with dirty laundry in the dryer to make it look like I keep a clean house.

There are other things I’m working on, but they are between me and Jesus.


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