40 before 40

Welcome to my bucket list.  You are now officially my accountability partner.  I have until I’m 40 to complete it.

  1. Visit Jonathan on the mission’s field.
  2. Pay off student loans.
  3. Watch Michael graduate from seminary.
  4. Disciple people.
  5. Go rock climbing with brothers & husband.
  6. Have lasik eye surgery.
  7. Laugh with my boys regularly.
  8. Read the Bible in a year.
  9. Fly a kite.
  10. Pray for Reina.
  11. Lead someone to Christ.
  12. See Erin.
  13. Start a legacy of joy and light.
  14. Write a devotional book.
  15. Memorize 100 scriptures.
  16. Run a 5k.
  17. Kiss in the rain.
  18. Go on a family mission’s trip.
  19. Read Jeremy’s book.
  20. Go to the spa for a day (after #16).
  21. Teach with integrity at Laurel University.
  22. Ride a horse.
  23. Take Michael on 2nd Honeymoon.
  24. Build a well for a village that needs water.
  25. Go to beach on 32nd birthday.
  26. Go to beach on 33rd birthday.
  27. Go to beach on 34th birthday.
  28. Go to beach on 35th birthday.
  29. Go to beach on 36th birthday.
  30. Go to beach on 37th birthday.
  31. Go to beach on 38th birthday.
  32. Go to beach on 39th birthday.
  33. Go to beach on 40th birthday.
  34. Spend Sunday afternoons with my mom.
  35. Complete the Tough Mudder challenge with Michael.
  36. Earn PhD.
  37. Start a blog.
  38. Read my dad’s old sermons.
  39. Go for a Sunday afternoon drive with Michael in his 69 Camaro.
  40. Sleep outside (in a tent) with my family.

3 thoughts on “40 before 40

  1. #25-33 are a cop out. You should just write “go to the beach for all my birthday’s…” Then you get to add more cool stuff to the list! And I live by a beach…

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