A Confession of Violence

I am reposting my brother’s recent blog entry, because for every feeling he confesses, I confess I’ve had a million more. Lord have mercy, indeed. ‘I have to consider at least the possibility that somehow the increased supply of violence in our culture is suited precisely to meet the increase of a cultural demand, of which we are all complicit.’

Dim Reflections For Now


I have a confession of violence I need to make:

Despite arecent denouncement ofpaying too much heed to the headline news, I think it is necessarytoacknowledge a certain legitimacy to the increased level of angst over the pastweekin our nation’s cultural climate. At the same time, I am remindedof what Karl Barth wrote in his journal at a significant turning point in his life and thought during the First World War:

“It is not the war that disturbs our peace. The war is not even the cause of our unrest. It has merely brought to light the fact that our lives are all based on unrest. And where there is unrest there can be no peace”(Karl Barth: His Life from Letters and Autobiographical Texts,Eberhard Busch).

As fingers continue to point, defenses continue to rise, and the wilderness is increasingly populated with a rapid influx of expatriated goats (Lev…

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